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There are few things as rewarding as setting a goal and reaching it. Our team of professional trainers use their years of experience and knowledge to create lasting and rewarding relationships with our Fitness Center members, helping them to set and achieve their fitness goals. Below is a list of our trainers who are dedicated to helping you achieve whatever result it may be!

My name is Vince and I have been a certified trainer for two years, going on my third year. My specialty is strength training and body building. I started lifting of late 2011 in more of a body building fashion versus strength. I have also worked with a number of clients who are elderly and have helped them make everyday tasks easier and improved their balance. My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals to the best of my abilities and knowledge. I take the time to always further my knowledge so that I am better equipped to help my clients achieve their goals! To schedule a consultation or learn more about my pricing please call the number below!

Vincent Tran


My name is Haley Sanders and I have been training for 3 years now. My passion is helping people be comfortable in their own skin! I am specifically good when it comes to dropping fat, building muscle and building booties! I am very passionate about living a healthy life not only physically but mentally! My journey started about 4 years ago when I was actually just a runner. I had torn my hamstring and decided I needed to focus on building strength. Let me tell you... I have never been in love with something more! Strength training made me gain a confidence that I never had before and everyday I help my clients gain that same confidence! If you'd like to set up a consultation or want to know about training prices you can contact the number below!

Haley Sanders


My name is Jon Thomas Peterson, but most people just call me JT. This is my first year as a Certified Personal Trainer, but I have been a trained athlete for most of my life. In High School and College my life revolved around playing football and throwing in track & field. Being a dedicated member of a team and following my coaches' training has given me the ability to connect and relate with my clients and give them what they need. I give a free fitness assessment to each client and tailor a plan to their current abilities and goals. I utilize heavy strength training in my own fitness regimen; however I can empower my clients to reach their goals for weight loss, strength building and rehabilitation. Let me be on your team and help you gain strength and better health through fitness training. Please call the number below if you would like to know about my pricing and package deals.

JT Peterson